Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Random likings 22 January 2013

Sleepy Time Bedtime Calculator - www.sleepyti.me

If you're anything like me in winter, you need all the help you can get with feeling human and being able to function when there's so little daylight. This site is great for working out what times you should aim to go to sleep or wake up to have the most energy in the morning.

Upcycle That - www.upcyclethat.com

I am loving upcycling at the moment, and have even created a new Pinterest board for it. It appeals to my thrifty side and I like the whole idea of creating something unique out of an unappreciated item so I wind up with a characterful item that hasn't been mass produced. Upcycle That is packed with ideas ranging from making a bubble blower from a plastic bottle to a garden water feature from a piano.

Flannelette Sheets

Mmm... cosy brushed cotton sheets are bliss to snuggle into at bedtime but so hard to crawl out of in the morning (and not because I'm usually woken by my 5-year-old climbing in at 6am). Unfortunately the cost of a flannelette quilt cover is ridiculous but I've got around that by buying two flat sheets and making my own. I know, simple right? I love these Scandinavian style ones even thought they don't go with my room. But if I was willing to bankrupt myself ordering from Pottery Barn I'd go for this Jenny Stripe set

Frozen Veg Casserole Mix

Ok, bit of a pedestrian like this week but I love this casserole mix for (carrots, swede, turnip, onions & celery) veg. I'm a fan of frozen veggies and some fruit anyway (last longer and are usually cheaper) but with the weather so cold my slow cooker has been working overtime. It's only £1.10 for 1kg, making it thrifty, healthy and easy - I'm sold!


This bag was featured on How Do I Love Thee? but I have no idea where it's from. It's listed as Holly clutch in Tiffany Blue but that's not right. If anyone please could you tell me because I need to know where to send my soul in order to purchase one. The Holly clutch is also gorgeous.


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