Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Random Likings - Running

I know it's not really random since all of these things are about running, but I have started training for a half-marathon, and I always find the best way to start doing something is to get distracted by doing something else. Procrastination is not my middle name, but only because I haven't got around to sorting out the deed-poll forms yet.

Dare 2b jacket. I could have done with this today, as it was torrential. I also could have done with running wellies, but surprisingly no one sells them. Having a husband who has enough cycling kit to open his own shop is handy when it comes to tops with lots of pockets, but I love the colour of this jacket.

Nike Skapri. I already have this and I bloody love it. It's comfortable and I like how it covers my thighs and bum.

Vibram Five Fingers. I am so curious about these. I have never tried them, and and £100 a pair they are a pretty pricey experiment. I really want to know what they are like though.

Let's face it, anything has to be more comfortable than a 9 foot long costume powered by lying on a sledge and pushing with your hands and knees. Lloyd Scott wore this in the 2011 London Marathon, taking 26 days to complete the course. He also completed the 2002 London Marathon in 5 days, wearing an antique diving suit.

Did you know that Pinterest has a whole lot of running pins? I had a great time "preparing myself" by looking at them all. I found this

and this

and this (I don't know who took this picture of me. I am so embarrassed - my hair is a mess! yeah... dream on)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 23 April 2012

Hello! I am meal planning again after 2 weeks off. These school holidays have included plenty of

and, since my Mum is visiting from Australia, plenty of these;

and these;
 and a few of these

We also spent a week on the Isle of Wight. I had the nicest cream tea EVER at Chessel Pottery Cafe; plus the usual chips and ice creams. As a result, I am staying away from the scales as I suspect we would just get into a row.

This week's menu is will include lots of vegetables and no chocolate (well, not much, anyway...)
Chicken and vegetable stir fry with egg noodles
Pot-roast beef
Chicken & mushroom pancakes

Remember to check out Mrs M's linky for more Meal Planning Monday posts. I look forward to catching up with him.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Celebrity Revenge!

When I read that Michelle Mone had keyed her estranged husband's car after finding out he was having a fling with an employee, I nearly spat my coffee out. Ok, I'm not (openly) condoning malicious damage but I did have a "you go girl!" moment. William Congreve got it right when he said "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned" (do you like at literary titbit there? It's from The Mourning Bride)

Anyway, I've been painting my youngest son's room this weekend, so have had plenty of time to muse, and I started thinking about other celebrity acts of jealousy and revenge.

1) When Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) found his friend Julian had started dating his ex-fiancee, Emma, a month after they had broken up, he set about trashing Julian's car with a metal pole.

2) Staying with the car theme, rumour has it that Naya Rivera allegedy egged and keyed fellow Glee castmate, Mark Salling's, car in a fit of jealous rage.

3) Songwriters have a perfect outlet for their jealousy. Who can forget Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River, and the accompanying video allegedly (I have to find another word for that) portraying his ex, Britney Spears. Not only has Adele made a fortune out of singing about her exes, she has the added pleasure of knowing that they will hear her doing so every time they turn on the radio. And who can forget Alanis Morissette's agnsty 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill. Apparently You Oughta Know was written about Dave Coulier, who is 15 years her senior and should have know better than to jilt a 21 year old woman with a pen and a good set of lungs.

4) Princess Diana's 1995 interview with the BBC was a strong kick in the teeth to her estranged husband's public admission of infidelity. She used the interview as a way of painting her ex as a total bastard, as well as sticking the knife into her in-laws.

5) Hayley Shaw sold her husband's £25,000 Lotus Esprit for 50p on eBay, after Tim Shaw, a DJ, told Jodie Marsh live on air that he would leave his family for her. Apparently it was just one in a long line of grievances she had about his treatment of her during their marriage.

6)  Money Talks: Colleen Rooney, Cynthia Rodriguez (A-Rod), and Satsuki Mitchell (Daniel Craig) all apparently spent up big on their ex's credit cards in retaliation for supposed infedility.

7) Of course, if we're talking money then forget about acting in the heat of the moment, and get yourself a kick ass lawyer. These ex's prove that revenge really is a dish best served cold, with the world's most expensive divorce settlements. Soraya Khashoggi received an estimated £550 million (US$874 million) when she divorced Adnan Khashoggi. Robyn Gibson was paid £267 million (US$425 million) when she divorced Mel, after 26 years of marriage and 7 children. Madonna apparently paid Guy Ritchie £57 million (US$90 million) when their marriage ended. Elin Nordegren, who is apparently pretty handy with a golf club, was expected to receive £473 million (US$750 million) in payout from Tiger Woods, but apparently the real figure was closer to £63 million (US$100 million).

Have you ever done anything you regret (or not) in retaliation for something?

Friday, 6 April 2012

I Am Art!

I was so chuffed to receive this from SMartwalks:
We're hoping we can use this magical tweet of yours for our rambling art project! What do you think? 
I hadn't heard of SMartwalk before, but I really like the idea. I love art that is accessible and part of daily life, rather than something static on the wall in a gallery. Have a look at the SMartwalks website to find out more about the artists and their project.

And, just so the Tate Modern knows, my ironing pile is still available.