Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Don't Miss These Top 5 Favourite Time Wasting Sites!

Do you like my heading? I'm trying to make procrastination sound important to give it some legitimacy in my working day. Now the kids are back at school I am back to work with a vengeance. Still, I am very easily distracted and this is what has been doing it for me lately.

1. Looking up Richard Amitage on Pinterest.
I am slightly ashamed about this one because after all, I am 38 and not 12 (thought if I was 12 I guess I'd been perving on Justin Bieber or someone). My shame doesn't last long, because it seems there are many people who are even more taken with foxy Richard Armitage than I am, and looking on Pinterest allows me to indulge a little while feeling that I can't be that bad because there are people with entire boards dedicated to him for goodness sake!
Anyway, I especially liked this video (and the reverse one is also quite funny)

2. Good Reads (
 Once upon a time I was a voracious reader. Now my free time is more limited I don't get the chance to read as often as I'd like, or the type of books I'd like. I mainly stick to fluff that can be easily interrupted without losing the train of the plot. (It seems that not only is the toilet lid lifting an invitation for my youngest to want something, but the sound of a book opening). Good Reads is a great site where you can find new books to try based on your interests and authors whose work you have read and liked. I don't want to waste the time I do have to read on something I can't into or won't like so you could say this site is a time saver instead of a time waster, maybe?

3. Tiny House Blog (
If you ever feel like your house is a bit too small, or you're drowning in crap that has no place to "live" check out the innovative use of space in the houses on this site. Storage is an integral part of design and I always feel like the woman at the end of A Squash and a Squeeze  after looking at some of the amazing houses on there.

4.  Purseblog 
Specifically the CND Shellac swatches. I also like searching Google for similar sites and swatches where I can see what the colours look like when they are mixed. If you don't follow me on Twitter you may have missed that I had a Shellac manicure the other week as part of my New Year's Resolutions (you know - solve the crisis in the Middle East, donate to charity, have nice nails, all very worthy goals) and I am hooked. I'm about to book my second one but am not sure what colour to have. Since it's going to be on my nails for at least two weeks I want to like it.

5. Four Seasons
Yep, I've been wasting time planning fantasy holidays again. I don't know about you, but my perfect holiday doesn't involve a Travelodge - it's luxury all the way!  Today it's a toss up between Bali and Florence.

If you have any sites you'd care to recommend - for research purposes only, of course! - please let me know.

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