Monday, 9 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 9 December 2013

Yay! I managed to get my Meal Planning Monday post ready for an actual Monday! The past fortnight has seen me running my pantry, fridge and freezer stocks down and it's fair to say that in the last few days there have been some rumblings. Not tummy rumblings - there has been plenty to eat - but mutinous rumblings from the troops who are not best pleased that their favourite cereal hasn't been replaced and they have been forced to munch their way through the copious other boxes on offer.

I only have five meals planned this week because I think we may eat out one night and will probably have either left overs or a cupboard dinner the other night.

Lemon chicken
Swedish meatballs
Slow cooker pork with caramelised onion and mushroom sauce
Vegegable rice pilaf (didn't have this last week)
Chicken pot pie pockets

Remember to mosey on over to Mrs M's for more Meal Planning Monday posts. 

I've started getting organised with our Christmas food. We are having gammon and chicken and veg that someone else has prepared because I have better things to do on Christmas Day than peel carrots! I have booked my grocery slot, now I just need to finish my shopping list and remember to update it in time. 

What's on your menu this week? More importantly, have you planned your Christmas menu yet?

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Festive Giveaway: Get Your Christmas On

Since it's now less than three weeks until Christmas I probably should start my inaugural Christmas Giveaway! I started my preparations great guns in early November but petered out mid month and am now trying to get everything out of the way before giving my house a really good clean and making it feel festive.

To help you feel more festive I have not one, but two prizes up for grabs:

1. Paper Chain kit, paper straws, shabby chic hanging decorations

2. Merry Christmas Mug and  melamine tray
All you need to do is enter via the widget below and hope you've been a good boy or girl this year. (Actually, that last bit doesn't matter. Just hope your name comes up) The competition is open for a week and will finish on Thursday 12 December. I will need winners address details by Friday 13 December so I can get them in the post to you for you to (hopefully) receive before Christmas.

What are you waiting for? Good luck!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Random Likings

This is what has been distracting me recently and, surprisingly, none of it is to do with Christmas.

 1. Narratively
I can't remember how I found this site, but it makes for really entertaining reading. It's packed with well written, insightful and incredibly personal stories that show a less visible side of New York. I promise I'll only read one, but before I know it half an hour has passed and I've been sucked into other people's lives.

2. LEGO Minifigure Family Postcards
Ok, this one is kind of about Christmas but it's LEGO and it's COOL so suck it up and get stuck in

3. Thread Den
If you're in Melbourne you really should visit Thread Den. It's a sewing lounge where you can take classes and attend workshops, get advice and improve your skill with a needle and thread. I don't drink much these days so bonding with friends over a bottle of wine is not appealing, however this funky looking store would be an enjoyable alternative to a pub.

4. Nightsky Dress by Joanna Johnson
I love this dress! It's made from lightweight flecked Italian wool and lined in silk satin. It has a stunning cut away back you can see here .  That combination of fabrics must make it feel amazing to wear. There are stacks of stunning gowns around with all the numerous party-wear inspired magazine articles, but this one really stood out to me for its elegance and simplicity.

5. Bottle Green Blackcurrant & Coffee Cordial
This limited edition cordial is sold at Waitrose for £2.something. The surprising combination of flavours really works with either hot or cold water. I will be getting more.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday ... um... Tuesday 3 December

Yep, it's Tuesday but I don't even feel guilty because I am already doing better than last week when it comes to having a meal plan. I am in the middle of project Empty the Freezer and Pantry in preparation for all the yummy Christmassy goodness with which I plan on filling them. I will never forget two years ago when I had just filled my freezer to the brim only to have it conk out sometime during the night leaving me with a bench full of rapidly defrosting Christmas dinner. Fun times...

Last week wasn't too bad but this week requires me to concoct meals involving six pairs of bread crusts and some rolls with a bit of freezer burn.

Chicken pasta bake (made by my son at school)
Sweet chilli chicken
Tex Mex Quinoa casserole
Bacon topped meatloaf made with turkey mince, and garlic bread
Toad in the Hole
Breakfast for dinner (eggs, spinach, sausage, beans and bagel)

I'd remind you to check out Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky except I'm so late with this that you've probably already been there. 

If you see me Tweeting requests for suggestions for using random ingredients you'll know I'm struggling to sort next week's meals!