Tuesday, 15 November 2011

SlimPod diary - Week 4

Thurs: Here we are, week 4. After last week's fairly pessimistic week I have gone back over my daily diary to remind myself of the positive changes I have seen.
  • definitely eating less, and satisfied with less food
  • unconsciously (or at least easily) making healthier options when choosing food
  • excercising more and being more active generally
  • sleeping better 
  • not overeating, or eating food just because it's there. This has caused a bit of intenal wrangling at times as I retrain my brain!
  • Lost weight. I might have gained this week, but I am still 2lbs lighter than I was when I started and I am confident this will continue.
 I really didn't feel like going to the gym today, and even said I wasn't going to, but somehow found myself getting into my gym kit and heading out the door!
I also had some chocolate tonight but am able to enjoy it knowing that I will stop when I have had enough, and not overeat. It's a good feeling.

Fri  - spoke with Sandra from Thinking Slimmer today and she helped me regain m perpective. It's not all about the numbers on the scales, but also about how I feel and look.

Sat - not a bad day. I notice that I'm able to do my belt up another notch, though probably not after a meal. Am staying away from the scales and listening to SlimPod once a day, sometimes twice.

Sun - the desire to be more active and make healthier choices is definitely strengthening. This weekend I washed the car and raked the leaves willingly. Previously I would have groaned about the effort and left it (the state of my car was testament to this). If I crave something sweet, I tend to have a couple of dates. Today I felt like chocolate so I had it. Only a little and that was plenty. The rest is sitting in the cupboard and I'm happy to leave it and not eat it just because it is there.

My meals are a little larger than they were when I started listening to the SlimPod, but I am genuinely hungry which I think is due to being more active. My portions are smaller than before I started. I'm listening to my body better.

Mon - a good day.  I can do my belt up an extra notch without cutting off circulation. I did my first 5km in ages. It was slow, but it was a full 5km (plus the walk to get to the gym). I notice my goals at the gym are changing. I am pushing myself harder and enjoying the challenge. They used to be either time or calorie based, but now they are distance or time/distance based. The focus has shifted.

Tues & Wed - ticking over nicely. I am staying away from the scales for a week or so as I think I have been getting a bit too hung up over them. I can tell good habits are forming nicely.