Monday, 14 November 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 14 November

Happy monday Meal planners! Here's my plan for this week. I am out for dinner on Wed so that's  when I plan to make fish and chips. The others love it but I am not so fond. Oops, I've just remembered that I need to get some beer or mineral water for the batter.

Cottage pie
Beef curry
battered fish , chips and peas
Quorn and veg stir fry
Thanks to my SlimPod, cake is lasting a lot longer in this house. A chocolate cake I made last Saturday lasted a whole WEEK. This week I will make some brownies.

Just looking back over last week's menu and virtually none of it was cooked! I had a lot more left overs in the freezer than I thought and I had takeaway one night. 

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