Monday, 7 November 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 7 November 2011

This week's menu is:

Slow cooker BBQ chicken
pork schnitzel and sautee potatoes
gammon, eggs, pepper, chips pineapple
stuffed spinach breasts (still trying to get these done)

I've only done 5 meals as I already have leftovers and am expecting more leftovers from this lot.

Last week's menu went well. I didn't do orange chicken as I had a last minute bonfire so that was sausages and burgers and things. The sausage casserole was really nice. Even DH said (unprompted) that he liked it. He doesn't really eat sausages so I was pleased. 

Check out how I'm going to do the eggs and peppers for the gammon. How cool is that! 

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