Thursday, 3 November 2011

SlimPod diary - Week 2

After last week's great start I am optimistic that my motivation will only improve this week as Trevor's words weave their magic in my mind. I love listening to my SlimPod and do so twice a day. The kids are now used to finding me having a quick snooze as a result, but I'm feeling more energetic and getting more done generally so it's not a waste of time.

Fri  - I am definitely thinking about food a lot less. You know when you diet and when you're not eating you're thinking about what you're trying not to eat, or about your next meal? It's not like that at all. I'm still off the fizzy pop and finding water is naturally my first choice of drink. Today I went into town and parked in a street near the shopping centre in order to maximise the amount I would have to walk doing all my errands. There wasn't even a great deal of thought in the decision, it was like my subconscious made it for me and my body just drove the car that way. A bit scary really - I clearly have a malleable mind!
Biscuits: 1
Fizzy drink: 0

Sat- average day today. I weighed this morning and the scales continue to show lighter. Will try to resist weighing tomorrow. Daily is a bit silly. I made lemon cake and had a slice of that, but otherwise no snacking or overeating. I listened to my SlimPod twice - once in the afternoon and once before bed. I didn't do any excercise but I did a lot of moving around generally.
Biscuits - 0 (but cake)
Fizzy drinks - 0

Sun -  I suspect hormones are dictating my food choices at the moment. Today included a glass of red wine and a Mars bar. I'm definitely thinking about food less. Dinners are always organised in advance but I don't spend all morning wondering what I'm going to have for lunch, and I don't get hungry in the afternoon either.
Biscuits - 0 (but Mars bar)
Fizzy drinks - 0

Mon - today was a good day. I found myself wanting to snack when I wasn't hungry, but it wasn't that hard to resist. It was probably the biggest test of my willpower since starting. I went to the gym and enjoyed it.
Biscuits eaten - 0
Fizzy drinks - 0

Tues - Slimming World weigh in and another 1.5lbs off. I am a little disappointed as the weight hasn't come off as fast this week as last, but I tell myself not to be ridiculous. The scales are moving in a steady downward direction and I feel good, am eating less and have more energy. I also had wine, cake and chocolate this week and still lost 1.5lbs AND it was easy, almost effortless. Except for yesterday I've not really had to make a conscious decision to resist something that I wanted to eat just for the sake of it. I'm thinking about food a lot less. All these are Good Things.

Wed  - I hate this time of the month. I am so hungry I could eat the furniture and today has been a real struggle. Easier than past months, definitely, but a struggle compared to the past 2 weeks. On the plus side I had McDonalds for dinner (not my choice). I made a healthier choice and only managed less than half what I would normally have eaten just 2 weeks ago. My husband is very impressed at how much less I want to eat.

After another week I am 2lbs down (another 0.5lb off on scales at home today). I will perservere with my PMS cravings and hope that next month is easier.

Onwards and inwards!