Thursday, 10 November 2011

SlimPod diary - Week 3

Thurs- a really tough day. Compared with previous months I have been very restrained but I definitely had my worst eating day. I was able to resist quite a bit as I know that it's the sort of hollow hunger where I am never satisfied so there's no point eating it. It was mostly due to hormones and a little bit due missing dinner due to running kids around. On a good note, I went to the gym even though I was really tired (I wouldn't have bothered before) and put in quite a decent effort.
I am hopeful these cravings will abate by tomorrow.

Fri - blergh

Sat - could have been worse, but still blergh. Listening to Slimpod twice a day and staying away from scales.

Sun - see Sat

Mon - finally feeling like I'm getting back to normal. No snacking today and a good session at the gym. I have committed to doing Marcothon 2011, which is a 5km or 25min run EVERY day in Dec. 

Tues - stupidly stepped on the scales this morning. Stepped off again very quickly and then tried standing on them on one foot. Makes no difference. Am currently 3lbs heavier than last Tues morning. Have never had a gain that massive all year. The most I have put on is 1.5lbs when we went away for a fortnight at Easter. Am hoping it's just fluid retention as I have not overeaten that much at all, and I have been more active. Bad scales! 

Wed - there's no getting away from the fact that I have gained 2lbs this week. I am really disappointed as my weight has stayed steady for the past 6 months  - it's not like I gain and lose 2lbs due to PMS each month.
I wish I knew what had caused it as I have been eating less and being more active.

Now I've done 3 weeks with Slimpod I can see the effects in my eating habits. I wish I'd had some of the great weight losses that are promoted on Thinking Slimmer's website though *sigh*. I'm going to have a listen to the follow up SlimPod as I can pretty much repeat word for word the one I've been listening to so far.