Monday, 16 September 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 16 September 2013

16 September! How on earth did that happen? I am sure I was only preparing for the summer holidays a few minutes ago and now here we are staring down the barrel towards Christmas (99 days people, 99 days). This week is one of those that I have been dreading. Everyone's column on the calendar is full and it's going to take a time turner to help me make it through the week with my sanity unscathed.

Just in case you didn't get the Harry Potter reference
This week we shall be eating:

Meatloaf, smashed potatoes and veg
Slow cooker gammon roast
Brinner (aka: breakfast for dinner)
Chicken burgers

I can bet that at least one of these won't get made but I've given myself every advantage of getting through the week by using my slow cooker and/or preparing as much as possible yesterday. My life would be so much easier if my family ate soup, my husband ate pasta, my eldest son ate sauce of any kind, and my youngest wasn't so fickle. See what I am up against?

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