Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's a Pinterest kind of Day

I don't know what Sundays are like in your house, but ours are usually pretty quiet. My husband almost always rides his bike which leaves me and the kids to our own devices, or me and the youngest since my oldest normally hangs out with his friends. Finding activities to keep kids occupied while still leaving me enough time to get my own stuff done (such as reading the paper in peace) isn't always easy. I'm usually brain dead and devoid of imagination on Sunday, especially on days like today when I don't want to go anywhere or spend any money. Where else would I go for inspiration for a fun and frugal activities for children, but Pintrest! This is what we have been doing today.

Baking Banana and Oat biscuits
Finally, a biscuit that is virtually guilt free! These have just two healthy ingredients: bananas and rolled oats. I also chucked in some raisins and a sprinkling of cinnamon. I quite like the idea of adding peanut butter and some frozen raspberries to the mix next time.

Two ingredient Oat and Banana biscuits

Being a Ninja
How awesome is this Ninja mask! It's as simple as you like because it's just a normal t-shirt. The pin came via one of my favourite websites, Frugal Fun For Boys. My son was delighted with the effect and spent the next hour or so playing Ninja and sneaking up on my while I was undertaking sinister activities such as hanging out the washing. We used my older son's t-shirt for this but it would have been even better if I'd nicked one of his dad's. Best of all it took seconds with no cutting, sewing or mess of any kind.

No cut, no sew Ninja mask

Making a LEGO maze
Even a Ninja needs a little downtime so after successfully patrolling the perimeter and practicing his swordsmanship, this little Ninja and I settled down to make a LEGO marble maze. We started by identifying where the entrance and exit was going to be then worked our way out creating false paths until the board was covered. A few adjustments were made to make the maze even trickier and now it's ready for use.

Thank you Pinterest for a stress free Sunday which hasn't involved me shouting, hiding in the toilet in an attempt to get some peace, having to go out, or spending any money!