Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Random Likings

  1. I'm Not Right In The Head
It's not a statement about my state of mind, but it is one of those time wasting sites I am so good at finding when I am supposed to be working. Since it's always something legitimately work-related that leads me to them I feel no guilt for having a good look and chuckle.

2. Zara's plaited shopper
I know I pinned this yesterday, but I'm putting it here with the hope my husband sees it and gets the hint. Seeing Kate's blog post about her tan one made up my mind

3. melin tregwynt
I have my eye on one of these gorgeous woolen blankets, but I am tossing up between these and trying to find an recycled Welsh wool one. Or maybe both? It depends how cold it gets. I have seen these in real life and they are stunning. Soft, warm, durable and should last a life time. It's around £80 for a blanket, I think, so not unreasonable for great quality. See more here: http://www.melintregwynt.co.uk/colours/

4. November Lifestyle Magazines
This is where Christmas starts for me, tucked up with Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home and all the lovely Christmas brochures looking at lovely gift ideas and usually buying none of it.

 5. Lance Armstrong winning the SuperFrog Triathlon in budgie smugglers (and it looks like he's naked at the finish line). Why can't Olympic swimmers follow his fashion lead? I'm all about the sport, me.
Cracked me up, sorry.