Thursday, 4 October 2012

7 Pinterest Boards You Need To Follow Right Now

It's no secret I love Pinterest. It's not just responsible for reviving my cooking mojo when I get bored of trying to think of new and interesting things to make for dinner, it's a top resource for just about everything, brilliant inspiration, and a great way to procrastinate while simultaneously being productive (I mean, all those Pins are going to be used at some point, right?)

Here is my top pick of boards I think you should be following right now

1. For Family Meals
Six Sisters' Stuff - Recipes
I lurve Six Sisters and pin a lot of their stuff. I don't always make it and sometimes I just pin because the pictures look nice, but they're my go-to for inspiration when I'm totally stuck with meal planning. Some recipes I follow faithfully and others I adapt to suit, but I never walk away empty handed.

Honouable Mention:
Picky Palate - Dinner Time. I could eat just about everything on here, and her blog is good too.

2. For Sweet Stuff and Baking
Geraldine Frahm - Cupcakes!
485 pins (at the time of writing) and everyone of them a cupcake gem. It's a treasure trove that I salivate over even though I haven't a hope of making at least half of them, or making the other half look half as good.

Honourable Mention:
Carolyn Mann - Sweets plenty of easy looking sweet treats for occasions and everyday. 

3. For Homes
Bridget ( - Houses I Love
Pictures of gorgeous houses that make me want to click through and daydream. Bridget has plenty of amazing boards which are well worth following as well as this one, but this is probably my favourite at the moment.

Honourable Mention:
Renae Dudley - home sweet home lots of lovely home interiors with gorgeous colour and things

4. For Fashion
Laura Lowery - My Style
I probably like this board so much because a lot of it is to my taste, but it's worth following for the variety of sources her pins come from. I've found some great sites and fashion bloggers I would never have known about if I hadn't clicked through from some of these pins.

Honourable Mention
Nicole Román - Oh You Fancy, huh!? not so much for the clothes, but more for the variety and the sites they come from.

5. For Crafts you don't need a PhD in craftyness to do
Rowena Jongejan - DIY
Ro's style is faultless and she's got a great range of projects here, both fashion and home related.

Honourable Mention
Kirsty Colquhoun - General Crafts only an honourable mention because I couldn't decide which crafty board I liked the most to make it my favourite. She's a pinner I love to follow, especially her 365 Pinterest Challenge board and blog.

6. For Kids
Nicole Clikeman - The future teacher in me! 
Fun and educational activities and a great range of originating websites so you can dig even further.

Honourable Mention
Sally WeWantApps! - Lego well, because it's LEGO... duh!

7. For Everything Else
So many fab pictures of awesome places, both natural and man made. I especially love the buildings she pins. 

Honourable Mention
Teresa Osborne - Hiiiilllllarrrioussss! honestly, it could have been one of a number of boards but this one has made me chuckle recently. 

So there you have it, my favourite 7 (ok, 14) Pinterest boards to follow at the moment. If you like what you've seen here then follow me on Pinterest and you'll see more of what I am pinning.