Monday, 22 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 22 October 2012

Oh my goodness, another Monday already. I can't believe I'm staring down the barrel of half term as we speak.Apparently we're supposed to have an Indian Summer this week which, going by the BBC weather forecast, now means 14C and foggy. Ho hum. Here is the plan for this week. I have only planned 5 meals because I am out one night (seeing the Hairy Bikers!) and the other is leftovers.

Mexican Chicken Stew and Quinoa (am leaving out the beans)
Honey Soy grilled chicken, wild rice/rice, and veg (inspired by Stina)
Home made pizzas
Fridge Frittata

So there you have it. Cheap, but a bit fiddly with two lots of dough this week (I got rid of my bread maker ages ago because I wasn't using it and it just took up space on the bench) but nothing difficult.

Let me know what you're eating and, as usual, check out more Meal Planning Monday posts on Mrs M's linky.