Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 16 Jan 2012

Welcome to my Meal Planning Monday on Wednesday post. I don't really have an excuse for being late since I have already got my menu planned as part of my money saving January. It's kind of going out the window a little bit as I have hit my annual slump and am fighting off a severe case of the blahs.

Last week's £60 goal was not a success, and I have probably spent about £80 with both the regular shop and a top up for milk and bread. It's ironic since the supermarket shop was the largest since before Christmas, but my children seem to have developed the appetite of teenagers with a tapeworm.

Just to demonstrate how lazy I have been this week:

Monday: coq au vin in slow cooker with 3 ingredients - frozen chicken thighs and drumsticks; packet of coq au vin casserole mix I found in the pantry, and a can of lager. No other added liquid. Once the chicken was cooked I took the skin and bones out and served it with rice and veg. It was gorgeous.
Tuesday - chips and gravy from the chippy, with added cheese, peas and sweetcorn at home. The kids had sausages (and a battered sausage). Nutritional value? Severely limited.

The rest of the week's plan is:
fridge fried rice as I have some bits to use
pulled pork with pasta and baguette (in freezer) with zucchini
shepherd's pie with butternut squash and mash topping, with zucchini (I have a lot to use)
chicken curry (in freezer) cauliflower and naan
Quorn stir fry, veg and rice noodles

I made a batch of brownies yesterday. I have seen these gorgeous cupcakes on Wraggamuffins' Facebook page and may give them a whirl this week. I have a good recipe for caramel mud cake, but will have to find one for caramel sponge. How luscious do these look!
Wraggamuffins' Facebook page

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