Friday, 27 January 2012

Ah, Nostalgia... a favourite way to procrastinate

I love a bit of nostalgia. We all know I'm prone to being easily distracted and there's nothing like reminiscing about times gone past as a pleasant way to waste a bit of time. One of nostalgia's finest qualities is being able to experience it with both experience and rose tinted glasses.

Take Mr Squiggle for example. Any Australian child born in the 1970s and with access to a telly will recognise the man from the moon. I loved Mr Squiggle second only to Play School. And possibly Humphrey B. Bear, but given that they were virtually the only 3 programs on TV for kids at that time, they didn't face much competition. I was surprised to see Humphrey is still on TV. Nice to know there's a place for him with today's toddlers.

As I watch the above clip I am once again filled with the wonder that not only could Mr Squiggle create a drawing out of well, squiggles, but that he did it upside down. As an adult, I now admire Miss Jane's ability to constantly sound interested in his nonsensical jibberish (a skill I use every day with my own children... and husband); and how the programmers made such an engaging show out of so little. It really is pretty basic and I bet Miss Jane sorted her own wardrobe.

I am not at all sure it will impress my 4 year old with the access he has to today's massive range of children's programmes. I will show him a clip when he gets home from school and hope he will be as impressed as I once was.

What makes you feel nostalgic?