Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Soundtrack

Regular Tweeters may have heard about Silent Sunday, started by Mocha Beanie Mummy. It's a great idea and I love seeing some of the contributions to #silentsunday.

I've never been a contributor, mainly as what goes on in front of me on a Sunday is not very interesting and I don't have the ability to make boring look amazing, as some contributors do. What goes on in my ears, however, is another story. Music can make the mundane more bearable, and Sunday sometimes needs a bit of mellifluity.

My Sunday Soundtrack today has been soul, dominated by Aretha Franklin and Tom Jones. If you don't own any Aretha or Tom, I strongly urge you to get some. There are loads of Aretha compliation albums around cheaply. Your life will be better for listening to one.

As much as I love Tom Jones' voice, I'm not a fan of everything he's done, particularly some of the cheesier songs like Release Me, Delilah and Green, Green Grass of home. However, his duet album, Reload, is one of my favourites; and I also like the 2010 Praise and Blame.

If I had to choose one favourite track today, it's been Ain't No Way, by Aretha Franklin