Monday, 16 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday

I know I said this wouldn't be a foodie blog, and it's not, but I have a family and we all eat, therefore I meal plan. I don't always follow through but it's nice to start the week with good intentions. I follow Slimming World so my menu is SW friendly.

Mon - Frittata of sorts: new potatoes, diced onion, chopped Quorn sausages, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach pan fried. Pour over eggs beaten with some Quark, season and bake until firm
Tues - Fried Rice
Wed - herb minced pork and vegetable cous cous
Thurs - gammon, egg, SW chips, spinach, cherry tomatoes
Fri - chicken with creamy mushroom sauce
Sat - meatloaf with mashed potato and vegetables
Sun - spaghetti and spinach pesto

Lunch is usually left overs from the night before. My favourite breakfast at the moment is berries (frozen from the supermarket) with a Muller light mixed with either rice or rolled oats.