Sunday, 15 May 2011

I'm Gonna Wash That Grey Right Out of My Hair

Up until recently I thought my natural hair colour was a dark mousey blonde. It's hard to be sure as, for the last 19 years, it's been every colour from platinum to chocolate. I haven't succumbed to the candy colours of hair dye because I just don't have the confidence to carry it off. When I was young enough to get away with it, the only options we had were old lady rinses. Now I'm older and there's a rainbow of beautiful hair dyes out there, I would look like... well, an old lady with a rinse.

To illustrate:
Jamie Winston - Yes

 Mrs Slocombe - No

For the past few years I've smugly thought that, under the peroxide, my hair was silver free. Cautious checking around my hairline in the harsh morning sunlight (an east facing bathroom window is effective if not flattering) upheld my belief. Until recently. With roots needing to be tended to, but no opportunity for another week, I put in a Shaders temporary colour. It doesn't colour over grey but hey - that's no problem for me. While the rest of my hair blended beautifully, a clump of white near the crown of my head was revealed. I started plucking, but given the length and the number of them, they'd obviously been there hiding for some time, disguising themselves chameleon like amongst the blonde. Bastards.

I am sure that given time I will become more sanguine about their existence. My first reaction was to bleach the suckers into oblivion. I don't shy away from doing my own hair colour. I've learned (though trial and error, unfortunately) about bleach baths and choosing the right shade to avoid orange or khaki hair. It took 2 days but the result was worth it. I just hope I can replicate it in a few weeks when it will need redoing.

I admire women like Kristen McMenamy for their ability to embrace their silver hair. It's possible that one day I'll be the same. For now though, I'll stick with my box of dye.