Thursday, 19 May 2011

I had a little splurge in Boots the other day, and ended up with 2 free Barry M nail varnishes as part of their current 3 for 2 promotion on cosmetics. I love a bargain and I love new nail varnish, so I was very happy.

I've only recently discovered Barry M makeup. I mean, I knew it existed, but am pretty set in my make up habits, sticking mainly to browns and greys for eye makeup, and beige and red for nails. Their displays are bursting with colour and I discounted them as too young for me. However, after trying one of their chunky crayon eyeliners (in brown, natch) I was impressed with how nice it was, especially for the price.

For some reason I was feeling a little braver this week, so I bought Bright Purple and Red Glitter. I've got the purple on at the moment and I love it. Though it's inexpensive (£2.99 or 2 for £5 at Boots) it's good. It takes 3 strokes with the brush and 2 coats gives a proper coverage. I've got a topcoat on and have had no chips after 2 days. Glitter nail polish is usually a bitch to remove, but this one is not as tricky as getting off OPI. I think I'll stick to toes for now, but who knows - maybe I'll feel daring one night and glam up with sparkly fingernails!


I also bought a Lip Laquer Crayon in Cherry Red. I love vibrant lipsticks, especially red, but at 37 still haven't managed the art of putting it on without it looking like I'm a 3 year old raiding my mother's make up bag. These little crayons are so easy to use - it's really just like colouring in. They're slightly sparkly but it just looks glossy once it's gone on, so they're good for daytime too. It's not the longest lasting lipstick in the world, but a coat of lipstick fixer sorts that out. It's quite soft, so it won't be one for my handbag in the summer.

If you've always bypassed their displays in Boots or Superdrug, give them a try. Their Nail Paint is £2.99 and the Lip Laquer Crayons are £4.99.