Monday, 23 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Here we go for this week:
Monday: Chicken fajitas(but with cous cous not tortilla for me)
Tuesday: Quorn stir fry with egg noodles
Wednesday: Sticky Five Spice Gammon *
Thursday: Frittata and salad
Friday: Chicken and butternut squash curry*
Sat: Chicken and vegetable fried rice
Sunday: Quorn sausage, Slimming World Chips, egg, tomatoes and spinach
* are recipes I've never cooked before. They're from the Slimming World Meals in Minutes Cookbook. 

It's a pretty chicken heavy menu this week, but I've gone right off red meat lately, and I never eat fish. 

I made 5 out of 7 meals on the plan last week. I missed the creamy mushroom chicken but the ingredients could be frozen so that's not a problem; and Sunday's pasta and spinach pesto ended up being pasta with a courgette and tomato sauce I had in the freezer. I'd be lost without my freezer. It's a 6ft upright one that was in the house when we bought it. What it lacks in ineffeciency it more than makes up for in the ability to bulk buy and freeze.

This week is pretty busy, so the meals either have to be ones I can make quickly (like the stir fry), or make in advance and freeze (like the curry and fajitas, which are ready and waiting).

Last week I tried herbed pork mince and cous cous for the first time. I wasn't wild about it and probably won't do it again. Unfortunately it made loads, so I've got another 2-3 meals worth of it in the freezer to be eaten.