Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Is Going Commando Ever A Good Idea?

Miranda Kerr in Pucci and Liz Hurley in "that" Versace dress which made her a household name

This post is inspired by this pic of Miranda Kerr in a slashed Pucci gown at the 2014 InStyle Warner Bros party that followed the Golden Globes. I am not a fan. I think Kerr is drop-dead gorgeous with a killer body that I have no doubt is a combination of exceptional genes and hard work, but this dress just made me shudder. I suspect it was, at least in part, a two-fingers up gesture to her ex. Orlando Bloom not only got to appear on the ACTUAL Golden Globes red carpet rather than merely a sponsored after-party, but also had the honour of presenting an award, yet who got the most headlines? Yep, Kerr in her blatantly underwear free dress.

I lost a bit of respect for her, to be honest, and yes, I am sure she's crying into her organic green smoothie while reading this. She's gorgeous, she's fit, she doesn't need a slashed fashion equivalent of a neon sign saying "I AM SEXY" - it's obvious that she already is. I asked myself: is going commando ever a good idea? Why don't you be the judge.

Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney in 2011

Kate Hudson in Versace in 2012. I don't actually mind this one.
Heidi Klum at the 2007 Victoria's Secret Show afterparty. She wore more on the runway earlier that night, and that's saying something!

GP in 2013 admitted her dress was a "disaster". She was scrounging for a razor moments before hitting the red carpet. Classy.

... and the eye-watering iCandy dress worn by Draya Michele and Erica Mena who clearly have a close relationship with intimate waxing

What do you think? Have I been a little harsh? Is less really more in this instance, or is there such a thing as too much information?

ETA: Someone's kindly pointed out that I was remiss in not including Jaimie Alexander's attire at the Thor 2 premiere. The sexiness of the dress is overshadowed by the grossness of a stick on flesh coloured modesty patch... ick!

Not a good angle: The dress was the most explicit when Jaimie stood to the side