Saturday, 4 January 2014

5 Amazing Free Apps to Get You (ok, me) Organised in 2014

Yay! It's January. Time for resolutions to be better, thinner, richer, nicer or whatever -er takes your fancy. My 2013 resolutions have all been ticked off and it's time to look at what I want to achieve in 2014, namely being organised.

I'm traditionally a pen-and-paper type of gal but I'm trying to move into the realms of using my phone for more than texts and Instagram so I've been testing Android apps to help keep myself and my family organised. These are my favourites so far. Click on the picture to be taken to the Play Store

1. Schedule Planner - Free

I downloaded this one because the blurb said "productivity comes from structure - and that’s exactly what Schedule Planner gives you". As well as being fairly simple to use once it's set up, it also has pie charts showing of how much of my planned work I've completed.

2. Color Note - Free
I've actually being using Color Note for ages and I love it. Its perfect for jotting down ideas or writing a list of errands I have to do without using and losing bits of paper.

3. Cozi Family Calendar - Free

I haven't had this one my phone for long but I like that I can share a calendar with my husband. It means that he can't deny my having told him something (though I'm sure he'll try). It takes a bit of time to set up but after that it's just a matter of inputting info as it comes up.

4. my Food Grocery Plan - Free
This is something I'm looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into (bad pun intentional). I do love a meal plan but I find sometimes that when I'm out and wondering about what to have for dinner that my mind goes blank and I end up buying something to take home. I can sync this between my phone and tablet to update it easily at home and while I'm out.

If you think this list will help someone with their 2014 goals please share it. What are your favourite organisational apps? Have I missed something obvious that will revolutionise my life?