Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Random Likings

It's been a while since I posted any of these. So much so that when I went back through the list of bookmarks, some of them were a bit out of date (Easter LEGO, anyone?)

1. Neatorama (www.neatorama.com)
My new favourite time wasting site. Looking for etiquette tips from the 1950s? Or what about a little medieval trivia for the next quiz night at Ye Olde Fighting Cocke? (or whatever medieval pubs were called). Or maybe you're just looking for a replacement Bob Marley magnet and finger puppet. It's all here.

2. Steve Backshall
Deadly 60 is my new favourite Sunday night programme. Not only does it afford me quality time with the kids, it's informative and entertaining. Apparently Steve is also smoking hot very fit, not that I tend to notice that sort of thing. But I've noticed been told you can see his six pack through a wetsuit. Apart from the frequency with which he removes his shirt, I enjoy his show because he's so darn enthusiastic about pretty much everything. I spend half my time thinking that he's nuts (he wades through alligator infested marshes, swims with sharks, and generally puts himself in a position I would run a mile from).

3. Florence china from Whittard
How gorgeous is this china? (Answer: very, obviously). I want it all and then some. I love, love, love Whittard's clipper style mugs because they are the perfect size and really stylish. They're nice enough to use for guests without being so precious that you worry if they get broken (£6 for the mug, but keep an eye out for sales). I adore the polka-dots and the colours of the Florence Range, which includes mugs, cups and saucers, tea pots, plates, and pasta bowls. Check it out at www.whittard.co.uk

4. Vibe Watches 
I am seriously debating treating myself to one of these build-your-own Vibe Watches, as seen here at Funky Watch (www.funkywatch.co.uk). Choose the colour face, band, case and bezel you want to create a completely unique and fairly robust looking watch. Parts cost from £2.50, with faces costing £19.50.

5. That's Nerdalicious
This is another timewasting informative website (www.thatsnerdalicious.com) I have bookmarked, but I can't remember when I did it, or what post prompted it.
Maybe it was this Japanese McDonald's French Fry holder for your car?

More than likely it was something to do with LEGO, like this customisable LEGO mug...

... or this incredible Ninjago cake (how clever!)

Anyway, if you have nerd tendencies or small boys to amuse, this site is a handy bookmark

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for, or asked to promote any of this stuff. It's purely things I have seen and liked in the course of my expert procrastinating very important work. I'm not saying I'd be adverse to a little something, and if Steve Backshall arrived on my doorstep bearing cake, coffee and a six pack I wouldn't turn him away, because turning someone with cake away is both a) rude and b) insane unless it looks like this, in which case slamming the door in their face is the only rational option