Thursday, 18 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

This week I am joining a newly discovered blog-hop started by Mummy From the Heart. It's not new - she's been running it for a few years now, but I've only just seen it (via Crazy with Twins ) and I love it. Listing good things makes me happy, and who doesn't want to start the day that way?

  1. I have plenty of freelance work for the foreseeable future. Better still, I seem to have cracked the whole scheduling of it and getting the home/work balance right (this week, anyway!)
  2. My youngest and I are having a day out together at Tredegar House on Sunday for free
  3. I have been eating well and exercising regularly and I feel so much better
  4. I am seeing a personal trainer today and really feel like I'm doing something positive for myself
  5. I have a new home magazine to browse through
  6. My husband recently got some medical results back and they were good :)
  7. We're all healthy
  8. I have some fab days and weekends planned over the next few months
  9. If I ignore the blustery rain going on this morning, it finally looks like spring has arrived! 
  10. The new Iron Man 3 film is out next week - hooray! 
  11. I have lots of new recipes I am looking forward to trying out over the following few weeks. My cooking mojo had been flagging but it's raring to go again.
None of these are massive but all of them make me glad and when I list them like that I'm a whole lotta happy for a Thursday morning. Why don't you join in with the #R2BC link too?