Sunday, 21 April 2013



I have lost my weekend mojo. I used to enjoy doing stuff with the kids as a family, or even just me and one or both of them, on the weekend but I just can't be bothered lately. I try and organise something they'll like, but they drag their feet and moan so much about getting dressed and ready that it just doesn't feel worth the effort. Sorry for the whinge, but it's got me down. I had planned to visit a National Trust place but they were all "we don't want to gooooooo!" I know if I'd taken them they would have enjoyed it, but some days I simply don't have the energy to wade through the moaning, whining, and UN-worthy negotiations to get them out of the house. It is the same for almost anywhere I suggest.

It's not like weekdays are particularly manic and they need the weekend to recover. Some weeks I barely leave the house so to be tied to it on the weekend is particularly depressing. Sundays have become a big work and chore filled drudge and, to be perfectly honest, my least favourite day of the week. DH is almost always out doing his own thing on Sunday, my eldest is almost always at a friend's place so it's just me and the little one. I should embrace it as an opportunity to spend quality time with him but it almost seems like something else to tick off my ever-increasing "to-do" list, which, at 7pm on Sunday, stands as:
  • iron school uniforms - at least for tomorrow
  • pull apart cooked chicken and bag it in meal portions
  • skim and freeze chicken stock
  • put sheets on kids beds
  • wash 5 year old's hair  
  • finish work (about 1-2 hours still to do)
Things also on my list I wanted to do today
  • vacuum
  • steam clean floors
  • go for a run
  • do all the washing (currently 3+ loads still do to)
  • meal plan for next week

Am I alone in feeling this way? I really need to bust out of my rut and find my happy weekend place.
I know this post seems weird coming hot on the heels of Friday's #R2BG post, but this weekend has really got me down, and I even had a few hours with friends yesterday!

What can I do next weekend to shake my Sunday blahs?