Saturday, 29 December 2012

What Were 2012's Most Popular Christmas Presents?

Not me - I would not be smiling like this if I got a teddy bear unless I was wondering where to stick it
The wrapping is off and the toys have had a good few days of being thoroughly road tested and now it's time to work out what was a success and what not to bother with next year. The difference when I quizzed the kids was funny. My 10-year-old was very diplomatic and said he liked everything, before managing to narrow it down with difficulty to his favourite five presents. The 5-year-old was less tactful about it, happily listing what he liked and (though I didn't ask) what he didn't!

Popular with both is LEGO Lord of the Rings for the Wii. They managed to make a fair amount of progress on this before the "+" sign on all remotes stopped working. From what I have been able to find out (ok, been told by my more technologically savvy brother in law) it could be the sensor bar so they are stuck on level 9 until the replacement arrives and hopefully fixes the problem. They also got LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, but haven't had a chance to play on it yet.

He also liked the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Third Wheel, and a box set of the Wimpy Kid DVDs, this LEGO Orc Forge set which I have just realised I scored a total bargain on because I paid £23 and it's currently £45, making it one of my favourite presents too ...

... and his Razor stunt scooter which I paid about £20 more than this for - pah!
He was also given a blow pipe (like a sophisticated pea-shooter) and a remote controlled car that does stunts, and some nice drawing pencils which made his list of favourites.

My 5-year-old's list was much shorter. He loves his LeapPad Explorer 2, playing mainly with the video and photo functions and the extra Spongebob spelling game I downloaded for him. At the recommendation of Mrs M we also got him an AC adaptor so he can play with it plugged in at home and I am sure it has saved us a few battery changes.

He also loved the PaperJamz set with guitar, drums, microphone and amp and unfortunately the feedback you get by putting the mic near the amp! There are also some good voice effects which we all had fun with. I got these on sale at The Entertainer for £22.99. No way would I have paid the original £80 or whatever the set sold for, but £23 is about right.

The other item that made his favourite list was his Angry Birds hat/scarf/gloves thing. It's a bit big and my husband hates the way it looks, but he likes it and he's easy to spot when he's wearing it, so I like it too

What was a hit in your house this Christmas?