Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ring in the New

I love this time of year. Ok, it's all a bit blah and flat after Christmas (except for my stomach which is more rounded after copious food and drink indulgence) and with the weather so crap it's nice to plan ahead to rosier times when life is perfect because I have made exactly the right changes. Here are my 2013 New Year's Resolutions.

Only buy new shower gel and shampoo when the bottle is nearly empty, and don't buy conditioner every time. My bathroom shelf is full of half used shower gels in various fragrances (I get bored) and full conditioner bottles because who uses as much conditioner as they do shampoo?

Wear more dresses. I like them. Life is easier with a dress because it already goes with what I have on.

 Iron more. I have got really slack with ironing lately and though my kids are always clean there have been mornings when they have left the house looking more than just slightly rumpled. A few minutes in the tumble drier or hanging things over the radiator is not an adequate substitution.

 Get up earlier. Sure, it's difficult in winter but getting up at 6am makes my day so much more productive than if I don't get up until 7am (or even later). Dragging myself out of bed is not easy but once I'm downstairs I'm fine.

Blog more. Not for you lot, but for me. I am getting on a bit and keeping a blog helps me remember when I did things, or what that place was I liked so much, or which time-wasting website is the best

Disclaimer: these are not my nails - how does she do stuff?
Get a shellac manicure. Despite my best efforts I cannot stop nail polish from chipping. It doesn't matter what brand I use or what I put on before or after, my nails chip within hours of being painted. I have been meaning to get a shellac manicure for months. In 2013 I will see if it is the answer to my goal of virtually effortless grooming.