Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What You Truly Can't Live Without This Week (... or not)

Haven't had a "random likings" for a while. Here are some bits and pieces I have seen on my online travels.

1. Leopard print Converse
I saw these ones at Office...
 ...but when looking for a suitable pic to use I found these ones in the States with a zip, with just a leopard tongue.
Then there are these sparkly beauties for those who think leopard print isn't enough on its own, and that it could use a little bling
I, however, am a woman of simple tastes and the top pair have been added to my Christmas wish list.

2. Folding Water Bottle 

This one came thanks to Mrs Thrifty when she posted about her favourite Money Saving Handbag Essentials.  I thought it was a great idea and ordered one for myself. Anything that reduces the amount of crap I seem to forever be lugging in my handbag is a good thing and this has proved to be great.

3. Arthur Christmas!

Not exactly random as this has been on my radar for a while and I pre-ordered it last week. I loved Arthur Christmas and have been waiting for it to come out on DVD so it can be added to my growing collection of Christmas films. It's currently £9.99 at Amazon but am sure it will be on offer in the supermarkets as well.


4. LEGO Sweets
You can tell what direction my online searches have been heading recently - first Arthur Christmas and now LEGO sweets.You can get these from various online retailers including Sweet Greetings and Amazon (I love browsing all the imported sweets and food on there!) But look at these awesome gummy LEGO sweets.
Unfortuately you can't buy them but if you want to make them the instructions are at Sweet and Nerdy.

 If you were keen then you can either make a silicone mould or buy one from eBay. Actually, while I was searching I turned up this gem: a Hans Solo in Carbonite mould so you can munch him in chocolate, jelly, ice - whatever takes your fancy.