Monday, 19 March 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 19March 2012

Once again I found myself pushed for time this week and only managed a rushed meal plan. Next week I am going to plan over the course of the week rather than rush it the night before I am supposed to have the shopping delivered and everyone is nagging me for food because all we have left are some crumbs of non-sugary cereal and a crust of bread. Well, not quite, but they way they go on you would think that sometimes!

Thank God for Pinterest for quick inspiration. If you're not already, follow my menu boards on Pinterest as there are some really tasty dishes on there. I only need 5 meals this week as one night is for leftovers, and one night I am out. Hurrah!
 Crispy Potato Roast with sausages and vegetables
Cottage Pie
Guinness Beef Stew & Soda Bread

I am especially looking forward to the sweet potatoes as they look delicious. Except ... bugger... I have just realised I have forgotten to buy cranberries. Oh well, I will get some later.

On the baking list this week is this little beauty from The Girl Who Ate Everything

It is my birthday on Friday and this is the cake I chose. You can bet I didn't forget any ingredients for that! 
I will also make
Anzac Biscuits Traybake

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this week's meal plan by. You will be relieved to know that, after 3 purchases of mozzarella, I finally managed the mozzarello pesto chicken and it was gorgeous. 

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