Thursday, 16 February 2012

Condensed Milk Ice-Cream

If you're not already aware of my love of condensed milk, let me tell you that I absolutey adore it. It's been a life-long affair - though normally a long distance one as I am well aware of how bad it is for me. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder and I relish its silky sweetness when we get together.

When I saw this recipe on Tifsong I knew I had to make it. I'm an occasional ice-cream eater. I enjoy it as a treat but it's normally something I can take or leave. This one called to me for its simplicity, but mainly due to it the condensed milk. You don't need an ice cream maker. I don't have one.
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 1 large pot double cream (I used 2 small pots of Weight Watchers reduced fat stuff and it was still lovely and creamy)
  • 1tsp vanilla
Mix and freeze for several hours. Take out and give it a good whisk, then return until frozen. I added choc chips and chopped marshmallows at this point to make it like Rocky Road. It's best to leave any additions until this point as most things will just sink if you add them before its semi-freddo (get me and my culinary terms).

That's it. Simple and delicious.