Thursday, 1 December 2011

SlimPod diary - Week 6

I know I skipped a week of the diary last week. There wasn't much change and I just didn't get around to posting to that effect. I have been listening to my body and staying away from the scales but I weighed on Saturday to find I'd lost the 2lbs I gained. So I lost 4lb, gained 2lb, lost 2lb. The difference between this week and last week is that I've been doing more running and am generally more active. I am eating more than I was in the first week or 2, but a lot less than I was before I started using my SlimPod.

Positive changes I continue to notice:
Feeling satisfied with less food
Automatically making healthier choices with food and drink
Exercising more and being more active naturally - no more having to drag myself out to exercise.
Sleeping better
Looking better 

I have been getting up really early lately and have been feeling tired as a result, however where I would previously have reached for Coke and sugar laden empty carbs to perk myself up, I'm not now. If I snack it's normally on dried fruit and occasionally cake, and I still drink mainly water.

Further proof my SlimPod is working this week:
* I went to the cinema yesterday and had no sweets or fizzy drink (normally I'll have both)
* there are 2 boxes of chocolate in the cupboard for a week. I bought them for Christmas last week. Every now and then I ask myself "you know there's some chocolate in there, don't you?" and my SlimPod brain replies "yes" and moves on. It's quite strange, but satisfying. 

I am a lot more patient than I was a few weeks ago. I am eating more, but enjoying it and not over indulging. It's easy to stop, or to not start if I'm not hungry.