Thursday, 29 December 2011

January Meal Plan

The need to feel in control of meals and money again has led me to meal plan early. My aim for January is to bring each week's shopping in at £60 or less. I know I can do it if I plan and shop sensibly. It certainly can't hurt to try.

My handicaps are 2 fussy child eaters, 1 of whom won't eat potatoes or sauce in any form, and one whose likes and dislikes change on a whim; and a husband who eats a lot, but none of it pasta. On my side are my slow cooker, a love of baking, and a wealth of delicious and inexpensive ideas courtesy of all the lovely recipe bloggers out there.

Here are my 28 meals for January. I figure left overs will take care of the other 3 days. I have listed them vaguely order of shopping rather than order of eating. I have a big freezer so will either cook in advance (eg: beef stew will also be pie filling with a few tweaks), or cut meat into meal size portions and freeze.

I tend to use frozen vegetables in winter as they are cheaper and I can cook them in just the portion sizes I need, so where I have just put something like 'pot roast', it will be pot roast, peas and potatoes for example. I'll still be doing Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky each Monday.

1.       BBQ chicken fajita layer
2.       Meatloaf
3.       Fridge fajita
4.       Pot roast
5.       Beef stew
6.       Beef pie
7.       Chicken stew
8.       Chicken pie
9.       Chicken curry
10.   Chinese lemon chicken
11.   Creamy Chicken Casserole*
12.   Beer chicken (chicken pieces cooked in crock pot in beer)
13.   Sausage casserole
14.   Sausage plait
15.   Rissoles
16.   Gammon, chips, peas and egg
17.   Pesto baked potatoes and gammon
18.   Ham and Potato casserole*
19.   Chilli and rice
20.   Chilli fajita layer
21.   Pizza
22.   Make you own wraps
23.   Pulled pork
24.   Egg, beans and chips
25.   Cranberry pork*
26.   Quorn, noodle & veg stir fry
27.   Root vegetable stew*
28.   Fridge fried rice