Monday, 5 December 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 5 December 2011

I am quite pleased with this week's menu as it is really inexpensive and should be tasty. It's not going to win any prizes for excitement, but with the fussy eaters I live with that is not necessarily a bad thing. The kids can help make the doughballs, wraps, biscuits and flapjacks.

Pasta & homemade dough balls
steak pasties
Fajitas (including homemade wraps) with bbq chicken in slow cooker
Vegetable risotto using mixed frozen veg (crockpot or oven baked)
Sausage casserole & potatoes 
Frittata with gammon and peppers
I'll also be giving these Nutella Cookies a whirl, and possibly flapjacks, depending on how long they last.

For more menu plans have a look at the linky on Mrs Ms's blog.