Monday, 24 October 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 24 October

Here we are again: Monday. Last week I was unwell and couldn't be bothered was far too sick to manage to post a meal plan. I regretted it as it definitely makes life easier having a plan. I've also changed my supermarket shopping routine, which is usually online from Asda, to instore at Lidl and Aldi and since I'm not 100% sure what they stock it's not as easy to plan. It's definitely cheaper though. I've saved £45-50 over 2 weeks.

This week's plan is:
 I am not sure what I will substitute for the canned biscuits. Maybe shortcrust pastry, or maybe a type of wholemeal muffin/cobbler type mix?
Garlic lamb chops
Spinach stuffed chicken breasts 
Cottage pie
Chicken Curry
Fridge Frittata

I'll be baking:
 Plum cobbler or crumble (nice and seasonal)
These use cake mix, which I don't normally use. I'll have to substitute heavy cream for the Cool Whip. They just look so tasty.

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