Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Making of Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros Studios

This has definitely caught my eye this week, and is something I will be investigating further!

I am an avid Harry Potter fan. I've loved it ever since the first book and remember watching the first film in a
cinema packed with enthralled viewers, transfixed by how everything on the screen exactly matched the images JK Rowling created in my head. Every detail is just amazing and I rate the Philosopher's Stone as my favourite of the films. I love that it's such good escapism but contains enough real life detail to make it feel to a little bit of my brain that it's possible that maybe it might be true. The day I stop liking to let my imagination free is the day I die.

My eldest son is also a Harry Potter fan. Back in the days when he still wanted bedtime stories, I read him the entire series. Some nights we had to start bedtime an hour early just to fit 2 chapters in before he went to sleep. He's currently fixated with Harry Potter LEGO, partially due to the amazing models we saw at the Great Western LEGO show and has built some of his best models recently. 

To me the films are magic (no pun intended) and I was really excited to hear about the Warner Bros studio tour that's opening in spring 2012. Just hearing the music on the website gives me a thrill of excitement. It's certainly not cheap, at £83 for a family ticket. It costs less than a day at Legoland, but then it only lasts around 3 hours. I'm also not sure how suitable it will be for my 4 year old. I would hate to miss parts because he's bored and whingy and needs taking out.

We were planning a joint outing for the boy's birthday next year and this could be ideal. I just wish I lived closer and could sneak off and see it on my own while they are at school.