Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Christmas Decorating and Home Bargains on the High Street

I have seen a plethora of fab Christmas decorating and homeware items in the shops recently. Yes, I am the woman standing in front of the shelves taking photos with sleigh bells and snowflakes dancing in front of my eyes. Here are some of my favourite Christmas bargains that are in stores now. (apologies for the less than stellar quality of some photos. They were taken on my phone while I was shopping).

Christmas tape from Wilkinson - £1 for a 7 metre roll

Primark Sheets and Throw
There was no price on the sheets, but the throw (which has a fleece back) is £10.

Home Bargains
I love these tins. They're great if you're planning to bake some pressies this year. The small cake tins are £1.49, while the large cake tins and biscuit barrels are £2.49.

Placemat and coaster set £6

What Christmas bargains have you seen lately? Post a comment and let me know as looking at all the lovely festive items is almost as satisfying as buying them.