Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cheap and Easy LEGO Storage Solution

Way back in May last year I posted about our LEGO storage solution. At the time I mentioned that I was working on LEGO storage for my younger son. I finally got around to taking pictures and this is what it looks like:

The bookcase was £5 from eBay. It's on castors so he can swing it out to get to the other side. I've also painted one end with blackboard paint. This bit is a littler fuller, but essentially the same.

This is the other side. The containers are £2.50 each from Asda, or 3 for £7 and we used 15 of them. I discarded the lids and the scoops because we decided they were rubbish for LEGO purposes. As with my older son's, the LEGO is sorted by size and shape and not by colour because it's so much more practical for building.

As an added bonus I will throw in some pictures of their recent projects such as this marble maze

And the clock my oldest made. Sorry for the poor pic but I didn't want to move it in case I broke it (my hands and LEGO models do not go well together!)