Thursday, 27 September 2012

Love Where You Live

Do you love where you live? Or do you dream of moving? I am somewhere in between the two in that I'd like to move about 15 miles north of where I am, but I also love that I've got some great places right on my doorstep (as well as some not-so-great ones, but I'm nothing if not good at turning a blind eye when it suits me). It took me a little while to settle down when I moved to Wales. I came from this

Warriewood Beach (picture taken by Philip Johnson )

to this being the closest beach, and even that is an hour away

It took a while to re-educate my brain to not see the lack of beaches but the astounding beauty of the mountains and valleys, and now I love where I live. It's not just about the way the place looks, which is very green with lots of fields and mountains (I am quite happily ignoring the industrial estates, closed shops and ugly housing estates which blight so much of South Wales, as they do the rest of the UK), but the people. I love living in a relatively small community where I see someone I know pretty much every time I go to the shops or take one of the kids somewhere. People are friendly, down to earth and have a cracking sense of humour, and I've never ever been made to feel unwelcome.

I have chosen to live where I do and it's a choice I'm happy with although I'd love to get back to Sydney a whole lot more than I do, with 4 people and the price of flights being what they are, it's just not possible. I honestly never expected to live where I do, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else. Even if we won the lottery tomorrow we'd still stay within around 15-20 miles of where we are.

Do you love where you live, or would you move in a heartbeat?

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