Thursday, 5 April 2012

Random Likings

Oh my goodness, no kitchen is complete without this, surely? If Katie Price/Jordan baked, I bet she'd have one just like it (to match her vajazzle, natch).

Jamie's Farm. There are so many people doing great things to help children. Jamie's Farm is one example.

I can't link to his pictures for copyright reasons, but click on the link for Gary Chapman's Flikr albums. I stumbled across him while researching something else, and his photos just made me laugh. Some of his landscape ones are really beautiful. I just liked his stuff a lot.

Not a great picture, and a link to Daily Mail (for which I apologise, but we all have our vices). Colleen Rooney had an Arabian Nights themed 26th birthday party (she's still only 26!!) complete with camel. 'Cause you do, don't you.