Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 2 April 2012

Welcome to Meal Planning Monday Tuesday. I just couldn't get it together in time to post on Monday this week. Last week's shopping was done without a list,and with the Mr in tow. He gets antsy in supermarkets so, although he's handy for pushing the trolley, I feel rushed and don't have the time to deliberate as I normally would. Needless to say, we have run out of fruit 3 days into the week, and goodness knows what else we will discover I should have bought. I thoroughly recommend taking a man along to the supermarket as an effective way of using up things in your pantry/freezer!

This week so far is looking like:
Sweet potato, pancetta and goat's cheese frittata
Curried turkey patties
Sausages and something
Chicken and vegetable pie
Chicken with mushroom & white wine sauce & rice (turns out I have a lot of chicken breasts)
Left overs
Roast lamb with all the trimmings

I made these Self Icing Nutella Cupcakes today, from a recipe on Family Kitchen

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