Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Random Likings

1. Jessie Ware
Last week I was raving about Alex Clare and it's fair to say that if I had his album (remember albums? Those big black round things?) that it would have probably worn out by now. Thank goodness for MP3. This week I have also discovered Jessie Ware. Wow. Two "new" artists for me is amazing when you consider my feet are firmly rooted in 80s pop and 2000s rock, with bans like Foo Fighters coming up in my most played list.

I first listened to her after reading this review by Holy Moly, who described her as "...Sade-esque, without sounding anything like Sade" and they are bang on. If you like Sade (and I do. Despite my earlier description of my playlist my taste used to be quite varied) then listen to her album Devotion.

2. Ring Pull Hangers
I love a good organisation blog. Reading about getting organised is my favourite way to procrastinate while successfully ignoring the cluttered state of my own house. How cool is this for an organisation tip! I found it on Idea Bottle, a blog which I fully intend to explore further in my quest for achieving a streamlined house without getting of my arse.
image courtesy of Idea Bottle

3. Secret Britain: the hidden bits of our history by Justin Pollard.
Ok, since one of the last books I mentioned was The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories (who knew lesbian horses liked reading) you may be a little skeptical when I mention another one, but this book is a little gem. It's chock full of  interesting titbits about British history that you probably don't know.With each one only a page or 2 long, it's perfect for reading when you don't have the time or attention span to get involved in something heavy, but want something a little more cerebral than Heat.

4. Pasotti Umbrellas
Because a good umbrella is a must have for our delightful British summer, I happened upon these while I was searching for something a little more stylish than the polka-dot pop up number I keep in the skip I carry around with me my handbag.
Look, this one is sprinkled with Swarovski crystals like you are sheltering from a shower of diamonds rather than a grey deluge of rain
or release your inner Eliza Doolittle with this parasol

5. Handpainted R2D2 bra.
Blows Rachel's Princess Leia costume out of the water