Sunday, 26 August 2012

A little something for your Sunday delectation

I saw Bourne Legacy last night. Disappointingly average, to say the least. It was like reading the same thing but in a different font and without all the exciting words. In short, a poor copy of the original. Its only saving grace was Jeremy Renner, aka Aaron Cross aka Hawkeye. Eye candy of the finest kind helped temper the boredom until the final motorbike scene.

Jeremy Renner 

Generally I like Vue but their pre-film malarky is getting out of hand. It was nearly half an hour from the session start time until the film actually started and, irritatingly, their previews included a preview of the actual film I was waiting to see! Plus Edith Bowman wearing a trouser suit that could only have been made from upholstery. I think I may have had a rant about this after seeing Batman, so sorry for repeating myself. Here is a picture to make up for it. 

Christian Bale.....Christian Grey???!!!!!