Monday, 13 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 13 August 2012

Hello! No excuses other than the school holidays getting in the way, but that's a more of a reason than an excuse, right? Procrastination is my middle name. Ok, not really, but check out these twins who can actually say "Danger is my middle name", or who will be able to when they can talk.

I don't know about you, but this erratic weather has been messing with my meal planning a little. We have been lucky to have had day after day of gorgeous hot sunshine (for foreign readers yes, it is summer but this is Wales, so sunshine in summer is a bit of a treat) and I have either been out or have not felt like cooking. Consequently meals have been a bit random. Here are some efforts from last week. I don't normally eat much red meat, but for some reason I cannot get enough of it this week. I have got some more iron tablets which may address the issue.

Roasted baby courgette, new potatoes, plum tomatoes and yellow pepper with steak. Top photo is veg before going into the oven.

One Ingredient Banana Ice-Cream from Teen Granny

A particularly lazy Thursday dinner  

left over steak sliced into strips for stir fry, served with rice noodles and black bean sauce
pan fried thin steak with wilted baby spinach and potato and sweet potato that should be sauteed but a hungry family wouldn't wait for them to crisp up
Elder son's 10th birthday cake. He wanted black forest gateaux, but I just made a normal chocolate cake, then sandwiched it with squashed cherries with the syrup drained off and whipped cream, topping with more whipped cream and grated dark chocolate. 
sous-chef for cake

This is what I have shopped for this week. Whether it will get made is another matter, but the intention is:
Slow cooker cranberry meatballs (or my version of it)
Chicken stir fry (at request of eldest)
pasta and garlic bread (at request of youngest. He has his pasta plain but I will make some sort of sauce for mine)
Home made beef and Parmesan burgers
This week's inspiration comes from the brilliant and amazing Six Sisters' Stuff latest link party, If you have never read this blog you NEED to. Like, right now. Go... scoot... and happy eating.