Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sew Fabulous - Part 2

I had to share this as I was really pleased to have busted my sewing machine out not once, but twice this month! Normally I leave projects hanging around for ages, but made myself find the time for these two.

Following on from the success of my ribbon tag blanket and bunting I made new cushion covers today. I am not sure about my choice of fabric, but we are planning on redecorating at some point this summer, and they will look better then. (What? doesn't everyone paint a room to match their cushions?). I made them like pillowcases because I couldn't be bothered faffing about with zips and/or buttons. They would probably look better on the other sofa, which is cream, but ... meh.

I haven't found fabric I like for the rest yet. Actually, I have, but I haven't found fabric that my husband also likes. He even think the apples are "too flowery". This fabric is actually a tablecloth I bought from dotcomgiftshop. It made four cushion covers with nothing left over, but I think that is pretty good for £6.95. The feather inserts came from Tesco and were £3.50 each a fortnight ago, but I have just seen that they are down to £2.80.