Monday, 2 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 2 Jul 2012

Well, hello! Let's not mention that it's been a while, shall we, and crack on with it?

This week's meal plan is:
Slow cooker gammon, roast potatoes and corn on the cob
Frittata with peppers, goats cheese, new potatoes and salad
Sausage and chutney plait with veg - courgette and carrot, maybe?
Spicy Southern Rice
Green Thai chicken curry with bamboo shoots, green beans, and basmati rice

I also have some pork mince in the freezer but am uninspired at the moment. If anyone could suggest something yummy to cook with it (other than burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf), I would be grateful.

Cheerio crispy cakes (like rice crispie cakes but with Cheerios)
Youngest son's 5th birthday cake, but he is undecided as to what he wants. I expect it will involve Smarties.

And there we have it. Remember to check out At Home With Mrs M for more Meal Planning Monday ideas.