Monday, 12 September 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 12 September

Happy Meal Planning Monday everyone! As mentioned last week, I've already planned for the month so it's nice and easy this week.
Chicken fajita stack
Jacket potato, beans and salad
Chicken & mushroom pie
Quorn stir fry
Battered fish, chips & mushy peas
Soy beef with bok choy

Last week's menu was a success. The only meal I didn't end up making was the risotto, because we had McDonalds on Friday instead. 
I love the whole monthly planning thing. I've considered it before and written it off as too much trouble but it's not at all. I bought a whole chicken and cooked it in the slow cooker before making the chicken pie and fajita stack on the weekend, so I'm waaaaay ahead of the curve this week and thank goodness, as this week is mentally busy and I've just had an unscheduled 3 hours in A&E which has really messed things up.

I'm working at the Abergavenny Food Festival this weekend I need to be able to make as much in advance as I can. I think the only meal I'll have to make fresh is the battered fish and mushy peas. I only have small potatoes, so the jacket potatoes and beans will be more of a potato and bean bake.