Monday, 19 September 2011

3 good things this week

1. Quidco
My husband has been wanting a new phone for a while. He doesn't have a contract, so I've been on the look out for one that suits him without too many bells and whistles as he'd make a Luddite look technologically advanced. Last week, thanks to Quidco, I got him a fab Sony Ericsson Arc with the perfect contract for him and a lovely £80 cashback for me. Ka-ching.

2. DIY Lego Advent Calendar
Lego have a fantastic looking Star Wars Lego Advent calendar. For those who say "what's Christmassy about Star Wars?" well, just look at the Santa Yoda minifigure. Lego is big in our house. My boys play with it continuously. There's a Lego city in their room that just keeps expanding. They have so much, yet can never have enough and they're always building and improving their creations (usually with more weapons, but I choose to ignore that part).

Unfortunately I can't justify £50 for 2 of them, and there's no way that 1 would be shared without tears and/or arguments right when I am trying to get them out the door for school, so I hit on the bright idea of making my own Advent calendar for them this year. I have bought some Lego minifigures and some other bits and pieces from the Lego Pick-A-Brick store online .

Here is what I have bought so far. It might not look like much in the photo, but there are quite a few pieces and accessories there. I will also get some other mini figures and some chocolate coins over the next few weeks to spread the cost a little. I read an idea on Pinterest (naturally) about wrapping up 24 Christmas books as an Advent calendar. I don't think I'll go that far, but I will include activites like reading a particular story, or DVD night with a particular Christmas film so it's not all about gimmie-gimmie. I am not sure how I'll put the calendar together, but it will be simple - possibly even just sealed envelopes on a piece of cardboard. I'll put a picture up when it's done.

3. My Welsh Wool Blanket
I have wanted a Welsh wool blanket for ages, but have always thought it's a bit of a luxury. I don't know why, I throw away money on things far more frivilous. There's always a stall at the Abergavenny Food Festival selling old blankets and linens I look at and covet, and I was determined that this would be the year I treat myself. And it was, and I did. It's lovely and warm but lightweight and not itchy. The pattern and colours are muted and I am very happy.

Oh, and one more thing that's made me happy this week: the September Glossy Box, including lovely full size HD Eyebrow palette (just what I need for my fair brows) and some L'Oreal hair oil that smells delicious and is doing wonders for my in desperate need of a trim, over bleached, hair.