Saturday, 6 August 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 8 August

This week I've decided to make only recipes I've found on American blogs and websites. My kids can be pretty picky eaters and I have been seduced by the ideal that so many 'moms' promote online. If they have shiny happy blogs then they'll have shiny happy children - right? Since it's school holidays I'm even going so far as to make some breakfasts as well. (No children, you can't have Malted Wheaties this week. You'll have a pastry and damn well like it.)

Doughnuts or Beignets (very tempted to make these but not sure if I will)

Spinach and cheese strata - not sure if anyone but me will like this, but I think it looks delicious
Slow cooker pulled pork - I've made this before but not with this recipe

That seems to be an awful lot of food but I should be able to freeze portions for another week. I'm not looking forward to making out my shopping list. I will adapt as much to be Slimming World friendly as I can.