Monday, 29 August 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 29 August

I have been very slack in my meal planning of late. In my defence I am suffering from acute school-holidayentronitis (I am sure that's a proven condition) where the days are filled with doing stuff for small people and the weeks seem to fly by. The week I made all the American blog dishes was a success for me, though the kids turned their noses up at most offerings. I didn't manage all the meals, but I never do. I wasn't fussed on the Cheerio Muffins - the Cheerios took on a funny texture.

One thing I did try was these Cinnamon Sugar crusted muffins Oh my! These were gorgeous. They tasted a lot like doughnuts and were quick and easy to make. I'm in 2 minds whether or not to make them again as they are so moreish.

This week's recipes are:
Egg, chip and pepper bake
Lasagne cup-cakes (yes, I'm still reading American blogs). I'll be using lasagne sheets instead of wonton wrappers. I can't get the latter easily.
Baked potato with turkey ham and Coronation cottage cheese
Slimming World chickpea dahl loaf

Rice crispie bars
Victoria sponge cake done the WI way, by weighing the eggs in their shells, then using equal amounts of butter, sugar and flour. Foolproof.